Irving – Day 10

Walked through with Sam to get his thoughts on the kitchen island verses a peninsula, Sam votes for peninsula so he and Austin and Steph win!  Reviewed some problem items with Tony.  Ceilings were covered because they were in disrepair, they need some work prior to drywall, this will come out of the pickup from not having to replace the wood floors in the kitchen.  BCE will be selecting 7 sconces to replace what is there rather than removing, capping and patching.  These will be on a separate switch from the overhead cans. Basement, almost done.  Mark is just cleaning up some wiring in the ceiling and wiring the overhead lighting. Master bedroom – joists need to be reenforced, not done properly.  Puzzled out the new bath, keeping existing footprint and squishing a smaller shower and a single sink instead of a double.  Removing the bathroom window so the shower will fit there then adding a skylight for natural light.  Dormer bid came in at $9700, to expensive.  Went over lighting with Tony and outlined the the details in an email.  Window bid, $6000, they need a 50% deposit then will come out to measure! then order.  Takes a week to build.  Asked Tony for an updated timeline.

Demo continues on the walls upstairs.

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